Tomato Figs

Monday, October 14, 2013


{Jellies at the River // Photo by Sister Rachel}

This weekend I got to visit one of my best friends up in Fayetteville. 
It was awesome. We had so much fun…maybe a little bit too much…(no such thing).

{Sara + Victoria // we are some crazy kids}

While we were there, Sara (one of my best friends) took me to the farmer's market.  It was magical! The market wrapped around the town square, with vendors ranging from local farmers, florists, artisans, bakers, and so much more.  Excitingly, this market had a lot more summer produce still available than the markets in Little Rock have had recently.  
Naturally, we decided to make some salsa (duh).

After a visit to the local co-op, we had everything we needed (so we thought), and started blending away.

Man friend and I have been making salsa all summer long. 
After looking up a couple of different recipes (I know, I know, story of my life), I decided to just whip something up.  It was the right choice.  

This salsa recipe doesn't have any measurements, just guesstimates.  It really does depend on how much you want, the certain taste you want, and how much heat you can handle.   
But no matter the combination (ok, so not exactly true…you can make this "not quite right" but that can be easily remedied) this salsa is sure to be a hit.  You'll never want to buy store bought again when you can get it fresh and make it yourself.  

{Homemade Salsa // nom nom nom}

Homemade Salsa (or nom nom salsa if you so choose)

a couple of bulbs of garlic
an onion (purple or sweet or yellow…whatever floats your boat)
some tomatoes (depends on the size of the 'maters…maybe 4 or maybe 8)
hot peppers* (one or two cored and seeded) 
lime juice (just a squirt or two…so maybe just one lime)
white wine vinegar (probably about a tbsp)
a dash of sugar
lots of salt
cilantro (maybe about half a bunch or a fourth)

[1] Get out your handy-dandy food processor [2] Core and seed your hot peppers [3] Cut your onions in half [4] Cut your tomatoes in half [5] Place the hot peppers and garlic in the processor and process (hehe) [6] Next, put in the onion and process [7] Then put in the tomatoes [8] Now add the lime juice, vinegar, sugar, salt, and cilantro and process away [9] Taste your salsa (with a chip!!! it is a requirement) and see what ya think.  

If it needs more of something, add it! Too spicy? Add another tomato! Not enough salt? Shake that stuff in there. Want more cilantro? Add it! 

The most important, and final, step: [10] eat that shit up! 

Seriously! It is so tasty! This salsa won't be chunky, but that's alright. Grab some chips and a friend and eat your little hearts out.  Or don't tell anyone you made it and save it all for yourself.
Both options are totally acceptable.

Another gift for you? Some cute pics of our doggy wearing a beanie. Oh yes please. 

She clearly loves us.

* You could go with any hot peppers here. Seriously, we have tried so many different ones.  We even did a ghost pepper salsa…I wasn't kidding when I said we liked it hot. The batch I made this weekend had about 6 jalapenos in it…and I still didn't think it was that spicy.  2 habanero peppers usually gives us the right amount of heat. A couple of chinese fire peppers was also a good amount.  We just got some spicy thai peppers this weekend, and we are going to make another batch soon with those in them.  Enjoy! 


  1. Hehe I love seeing animals in human clothes. Always makes me smile

    1. Right?! So cute! She didn't particularly like it but that's ok hehe. ps. I just discovered your blog today and it's wonderful!