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Saturday, February 22, 2014


gramercy  (ɡrəˈmɜːsɪ) 
— interj
1.many thanks
2. an expression of surprise, wonder, etc

One of my favorite blogs to read is 

We often forget to be thankful for the people around us
 and the small things in life that make this adventure so exciting.
We should write it down more often, too. 

So here's my first letter of gramercy, of great thanks.

Dear Spring Morning: you make everything better with your bright sunshine, cool breeze, bird chirps, and your temp is just right enough that it calls for a home-knit blanket.  Dear queen-of-ceramics: this might be the greatest mug ever thrown, with all the perfect irregularities, which makes Spring mornings even better.  Dear Man Friend: this morning you woke us up extra early to start your brewing day. Thanks for early mornings, early bedtimes, and your contagious passion.  Dear Chloe-Bowie: yesterday you escaped (for the first time) from the fenced in backyard, ran across one of the busiest streets in LR, and somehow found your way to my apartment.  BEYOND thankful that you 1) are alive and well 2) the cardboard box in the middle of the road wasn't you 3) you didn't get hit by a car  4) that even though you've only walked to my apt from Man Friend's house 3 times in the past (each time across snow covered streets), you still knew where my place is and that we'd find you and 5) for snuggles and holding you tight again.

[Beer Bucket Ice]

[Please don't scare us again]

One last thanks:
Dear new beginnings and clean apartment: thanks to a friend's arrival, you've never been cleaner, which has formed into a cleaning habit....finally.  Here's to a clean apartment which lent me the motivation to start writing again.  Thanks for the inspiration, and here's to sticking with it all!

Sending spring mornings and great thanks to all.


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